INDIA 2011

Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts. 

Indelible. Impressionable. Intoxicating. Insane.

We spent one whirlwind month in India back in November/December 2011 as part one of our EatPrayLove-inspired honeymoon. OK. Notsomuch praying. But a whole lot of eating and loving! Hah! ;-) But, oh, India! She's something else, with her colorful moods and rich history and eye-opening lifestyles and chaotic scenes. She was mostly confusing, at times frustrating, but surprisingly lovely to the core.  There's so much more to her majestic story and we are definitely coming back to get to know her better. Thanks, India, for the resilient sass and adventurous spunk. You've kept us on our traveling toes!

And because you've noticed that it took me six months to post these photos, I finally got around to tackling the daunting 1,500+ pizzix we've snapped of India. This country is a photog's playground!  Inspiring visuals left and right and left again.  (I maaay be, just a taaad bit trigger happy. Future reference.) But for your viewing pleasure, I've whittled it down to a select handful. The rest of the visuals can be seen here.

Coming soon, the 2nd leg of the EatPrayLove journey: Sri Lanka. Til next adventure!

besos ... jin.