new year's resolution #1: monthly goals.

new year's resolution #1: start off with small.

Picture by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts. 

So it started with an eye irritation from a self-inflicted eye pokage. Just enough damage to walk around with a red swollen eye for a few days. Followed by a mild case of the cold which I'm currently trying to shake off. All in the past week. Fantabulous start to 2013, eh? The only good that came of these minor setbacks (omens?? =/)  was that it gave me the gift of time to contemplate on 2013 expectations. Gotta think optimistically, yah? 'Cause it's way too early for bad juju! Alrighty, here we go!:

1 -- Starting off small with monthly goals.

To shake things up in our 2nd year of marriage (and to keep us on our wedded bliss toes!), V and I thought it would be more realistic to set monthly goals. We all know how quickly those broad wishy-washy yearly resolutions fizzle out and so this was a way to keep us on track. Like I said, starting off small:


Jincent's goals for the month of January:

- Cook a new international dish every week.

- Work out a few times a week.

- Practice Spanish for a minimum of 8-10 hrs a week.


My personal January goal:

- Wake up earlyish. Ideally 8ish. I love all the romantic notions of early day starts and come to realize that I prefer to work out and do all my mini adventures in the morning. Some of my most creative moments are during this time of day! Problem is, I'm totally not a morning person. >.< Oi. I ain't gonna lie. This ain't gonna be easy.

A little underwhelming, I know. Baby steps, mang, baby steps. Next month we are upping the ante and def adding to this list. Resolution #2 tomorrow!

besos ... jin.