new year's resolution #4: nesting.

new year's resolution #4: get on top of home decor.

4 -- Get serious about home decorating. 

I've been living at this condo for a year now. It maaay be time to, you know, make it homey. All year round I've been pinteresting and oohing and ahhing at pretty things from the likes of West Elm and UO, as well as stalking some of my fave design blogs: sf girl by the bayStyle by Emily HendersonA Beautiful Messdecor8, etc. I really must sit down, organize the hundreds and hundreds of decor ideas I've collected and ... commit! And just to make my life easier, it wouldn't hurt to win this #UOxGIRLScontest in the meantime. ;-) (Pick me! Pick me!)

Nesting 2013. It's happening. For real this time. Let's do this!

besos ... jin.

{Picture by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}