kind words from a fellow creative, ms yi-xuan.

3.13.11 - adventures with yi-xuan

Yi-Xuan + I at Flip Happy Crepes and La Boite on 3.13.11. I hope Yi-Xuan doesn't mind me sharing an excerpt of a kind message she sent me last night, but it really brightened up my Monday evening! Random messages like these puts a big cheesy smile on my face and reminds me of why I got back into blogging:

" ... love reading your blog posts as they are so inspirational to my 'sleeping' artsy side (if it ever exist) ... "

Awesomeness. That makes 2 people reading my blog! And yes, my dear Yi-Xuan, your artsy side does exists ... 1,000-fold! After all, she did shoot our Save the Date pics with that creative camera eye of hers! She's one of a handful of avid photographers I know who are passionate about capturing little moments of everything and anything.

On a daily basis. Seriously, nothing speaks passionate hobbyist than that! And still have time to do same day edits and posts! Mad respect!

Check out her mesmerizing photojournalistic snaps of her travel and foodie adventures on her blog. Get ready to be mind-blown.

3.13.11 - adventures with yi-xuan

Aside from sharing my love of photography, she also loves food. A lot. And takes pictures of her food. A lot. Like I do. A woman after my food-loving heart!

3.13.11 - adventures with yi-xuan

Did I say we love food? =P

Food + Photography! Life is good. 

With that said, ya know that saying, 'Everything I see becomes a photograph'? Yeaaah, you should see us in action. Nobody does non-stop trigger happy like we do! I'll spare you the loads of photo evidencia that we've taken within the 4 hours spent at Flip Happy Crepes and La Boite, but I ain't gonna lie, the numbers are in the hundreds.

Anyways, thank you, thank you, thank you for the sweet words, Yi-Xuan!

besos ... jin.