but first, coffee.

Designer unknown, via Emily Henderson

Started off March with a lil tweakage of this blog (design + layout in the final stages! yay!), whilst in the process of designing my portfolio (baby stages. boo.) Throw in a couple of festivals, a few birthdays, beginnings of SXSW, first of a handful of friends visiting town, follow ups on joint projects proposed by various friends, as well as on-going researches on a number of personal projects and then oi! -- suddenly it's mid-March! What tha is right. With this March madness underway (this past weekend - no exception), I find myself in quite a daze this Monday morning. Even after lunching on delicious Thai cuisine (Tom Kha - yum!) + sipping hot Jasmine green tea with Lizsters. Still. Can't. Shake these Monday Blues off! Zang, Mondays, why must you always come by a lil too quickly? Why??

So gotta meditate this one out before diving back into the madness.


With coffee in hand. Yah, coffee. Coffee is always a good idea! 'With enough coffee, I could rule the world!'

Let's do this, March! But first, coffee. ;-)

besos ... jin.