{foodie adventure} earl grey tea cookies.

 photo IMG_3152_zpsbb625d2e.jpg

Nevermind the blueberries and the lavender buds and the awesome wooden spoon. That will all make sense in a blog post or two. But hey! Look at those scrumptious Earl Grey Tea cookies from Loc Maria's Bon Naturellement line! Courtesy of Miss Hanhsters, who found a box of these, thought of me, wrapped it up and sent it my way one random March day. (Thanks, homegirl! =D) And ever since then, I've been squirreling these delectables away, enjoying them from time to time, 'cause who knows when and how I'll ever get my hands on these wonderful gourmet finds. (Oddly enough, they're hard to find on the internet!) But if you just so happen to stumble upon a box, prepare your tastebuds for spring-like delightfulness. The slightly buttery cookie really compliments, as well as draw out, the subtle earl grey tea taste. Makes for great light breakfasting!

besos ... jin.