{foodie adventure} matcha green tea pocky.

 photo IMG_3010_zpsb7adb68c.jpg

I'm surprised these yummies haven't made their way down to Tejas yet! For months upon months, I would stare at pictures of these elusive Matcha Green Tea Pocky sticks posted by various friends from NYC and Cali on IG, Foursquare, etc. For a green tea addict, this is some maddening stuff. To feast with the eyes and not do any actual feasting! The Matcha Green Tea gods work in very mysterious albeit questionable ways at times. Heh. But anyways, with Amazon downright outrageously expensive and totally out of the question, I finally got my chance last April in San Fran's Japantown and gleefully stocked up. Took my first bite soon thereafter and OH EM GEE they are every bit worth the hype! Matcha green tea perfection on a stick!

So kind friends in NY and Cali - trade ya BBQ for Matcha Green Tea Pocky? Yah? ;-)

besos ... jin.