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Let's pretend it's Thursday and not Friday, yah?, and that I'm totally on top of this blogging thing. ;-) This week was full of bajillion little joyous moments (shooting a baptism, Car2Go BBQ, late night 'Arrested Development'-inspired Bananarchy runs) and minor setbacks (Flickr down which subsequently led to log-in problems ... still!, inconvenient state inspection renewal, stuck in 1.5hr traffic due to torrential downpour.) But hey, at least I posted something this week! I promise, I'll be back regularly!

So ... Lisbon to us, Lisboa to the locals. From afar, she looks absolutely stunning with colorful exteriors of tile and plaster. Until you look closer and realize every inch of the city is slowly decaying before your eyes. It's obvious Lisbon has seen better days. Now a lil (scratch that - a whole lot) rough around the edges. Slum-like, even. But despite the slow death, there's something beautiful in it's breakdown and sketchy visual imperfections. You can feel it in the air, in the people - that persistent resilience amid the endless graffiti and chipping paint and missing tiles. Optimism, maybe? Well whatever it is, I'm oddly drawn to it. This rough charm. Yeah, I kinda like it here!

besos ... jin.