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Where are the actual pizzix of me and V at all these places, you ask? In the other external hard drive. Where they live. Yup.

So there you have it.

Laziness at it's finest!

Paris was full of unexpected adventures, but those are the best, innit? Makes for interesting stories. Like hunting down Ladurée after checking out the Eiffel Tower, only to realize you've hopped on the wrong train and suddenly find yourself in Versailles! Way way off, I know. Or being unable to get to your hostel in the 4th arrondissement because of a mob of people surrounding Notre Dame. Many minutes later the reason for the crowd zips pass ya on the street! The Popemobile!! (Oddly enough, we didn't see the pope at Vatican City. What gives?) Or finding out the hard way just how uber concentrated a Crepes Suzette gets to the last bite. Well, I'll never know. I gave the last bite to Vince once I've detected a sudden sharp alcoholic oranginess. *insert Vince gagging* That Grand Marnier sneaks up on ya!

But, oh! Paris! It really lives up to the charm those troubadours sing about! I'd go back just to walk the streets and revel in it's beauty!

besos ... jin.