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One last trip right before it became unsafe to cross the border. Unbeknownst to us at the time, but if we'd known, I'm pretty sure we would've stocked up on more tequila. Haha! (C'mon. Why else would you go to Juarez??) Thinking back on it now, it's crazy how easy it was to hop on over to Mexico from Texas! No passport, 35 cents to walk across, grab some tequila, 30 cents to walk back into Tejas. Repeat the next day. Repeat the 3rd day. Although getting caught up in a sandstorm whilst coming back into Texas on that last day sounds a bit ominous for things to come. I can now say I've been in a sandstorm, dust devil, hurricane, tornado, flood, drought AND snow ... in Texas! (Why I'm still living here is beyond me!)

besos ... jin.