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The Bahamas may not be the most surreal spot I've visited in the world, but they sure do know how to do the slow island life right! The water's a little too blue, the sand a little too white, a lil too much sun. And time? There's a lil too much of that here, too! But like most picturesque tropical locations, they always seem deceptively perfect in photos. In reality, they're either insufferably humid or a haven for mosquitoes. Which The Bahamas has both of. Making it quite a challenge to enjoy a lot of things, like hike through the caves of Gold Rock Beach or dine on Cracked Conch or even sip on them Bahama Mamas. Yeah, eating and drinking took a lot of effort! Stupid mosquitoes. And heat. The only time we had a break from Nature's minor annoyances were when we were under water. Snorkeling. But hey, we make it look easy in the pix, eh? ;-) Yah, mon!

besos ... jin.