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This is one of those countries I wished we had more time to explore. I don't know what we were thinking - V, Ricky and I (While we're on it, what were we thinking??) - but a few days just didn't cut it. Founded circa 660 BC, 2nd largest in the world, straddling one of the busiest waterways in the world - Istanbul has an incredibly rich history and culture busting at it's seams. Not many cities boast of having 2 worlds in one city. The very ancient mixed in with the very modern. There's so much to see, eat, discover - both past and present! And that's just in Istanbul! The rest of the country is just as rich and cultural, if not more - probably one of the most varied I have ever seen in any country. Next time. One month in Turkey. That's a must.

I'll tell you what else is amazing in Istanbul. Standing in between 2 continents. At the same time. One foot in Europe, the other in Asia. Pretty epic stuff!

besos ... jin.