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Daily life in Vietnam didn't seem too much different from where my rents are from (Wassap Cebu City!). Crowded streets of the impoverished working class, dilapidated food stalls galore, unkept buildings and roadways - yes, it echoed the sights and sounds of my own childhood, as a child visiting the motherland throughout the 80's and 90's. What Communism? It's all about Tourism! (Probably one of the more friendlier places to welcome tourists, I'd say.)

After wondering the streets of Hanoi, me and V floated along the waters of one of the most mesmerizing visuals in the world - Ha Long Bay. Now peoples, I've been places, and let me tell ya - this is def a stunner. Giant limestones jutting upwards from the waters, shrouded in mystical mist. Miles and miles and miles of these beauties, as far as the eye can see. Awe-inspiring can't even describe the jaw-dropping experience. It was that beautiful. Mother Nature, you've really outdone yourself here!

I guess the only conundrum I've came across whilst traveling in North Vietnam was the French influence. Where was it?? (Aside from the obvious use of the french bread, as used liberally in those street-side food carts.) According to my Vietnamese friends, they're all in the South. Ah. Welp, a second visit is in order. I've gotta see this!

Also another thing (I lied, here comes my second conundrum), it was insanely difficult to hunt down Banh Mi Thit Nuong when traversing the streets of Hanoi. What da is right. Forgive me of my ignorance, but I'm not Vietnamese. I just get mistaken as one. Many, many times. And I happen to be from a city with one of the largest Vietnamese populations in the states. But ... what gives??

besos ... jin.