busy wknd ahead + happy friday!

flashback fridays // sri lanka 2011.

I'll be experiencing my very first blog conference ... by myself! Eee! First day of school jitters all over again, y'all. Anxious, excited, curious. It's been a long time - years - since I've felt such chaotic swirl of emotions. Even I wasn't this nervous for my wedding day! I've experienced many things by myself in the past (and thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part), so I'm not sure why this is any different. But like a nosy kid who won't take no for an answer, I have to take a peek. Just a little peek. See what I've been missing out!  

I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed. On top of the blog conference, I somehow have to squeeze in the Hot Air Balloon Launch photographers meetup, shoot a birthday party, visit an animal shelter, and do the weekly volunteering bit. Certain events I'm already committed to (signed contracts and all), so a few sacrifices have to be made somewhere in there, regretfully, just so I can take a breather and recoup. But despite the 10 million things happening at once, in actuality, I'm loving how August is starting off with a bang! Happy weekend, y'all!

besos ... jin.

(Photo taken in Sri Lanka 2011 by Jin Chu.)