hi! hello! herro!

carnival bokeh session.

Sooo just to get it out there, just in case you haven't noticed (you have), and state the obvious (here goes): it's been awhile since my last real bloggy blog. (My last blog, oddly enough, about attending the TXSC Blog Conference.) And I'm fairly certain I broke the #1 cardinal rule about blogging. By not blogging. Yes, I, Jin, have not blogged anything (aside from the usual weekly travel fluff) for the past 2 weeks! How did I manage to not blog anything since attending a blog conference?? Epic blogging fail! *hangs head low* But but but ... life, man, life happened. I got busy. It's the harsh reality and honest truth I gave a friend whom I was suppose to coordinate with on a long-term photo project last week. (Sorry Mince ... again!) Kinda makes me wonder how in the world I had beaucoup of time to blog like crazy back in college!

Anyways, that TXSC Blog Conference earlier this month is quite the interesting experience I wish to delve into in a future blog post. I don't know when this is actually gonna happen, but it'll happen eventually. Coupled with summer photoshoot #3, sequentially editing that photoshoot, and sending Zaid off to his new home in San Fran with a proper week-long Austin farewell, followed with Liz, Kim and Kim's 3 toddler boys visiting lil ol' me from Houston ... throw in the usual volunteering bit on Sundays and yoga on Tuesdays and beating Getty Images deadlines and catching the last Little Shop of Horrors outdoor show of the summer ... suddenly it's the 2nd half of August! Yah, life really happened! Which also meant regretfully sacrificing a lot of social events (baby showers, birthday parties, etc.) to fit others in. Grr, I hate missing out on things! And now I'm prepping up for this evening's summer photoshoot #4. Which I gotta jet off to pretty soon. Like in 30. Wait, hold up.

30 minutes!

I better go! This madness never ends!

besos ... jin.

(Photo taken in March 2012 by Jin Chu-Ferrer.)