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Already tired from all the week-long Christmas adventures in Rio de Janeiro, Jack, V and I really just wanted to go straight to our apartment and get some sweet, sweet rest upon arrival in Buenos Aires. Easier said than done, right? That always seems to be the case half the time I travel. But nobody told us we had to work for it! Everything between arrival and getting to the apartment was done the hard way. There was the mishap trying to get pesos at the airport to pay the taxi driver (most of it counterfeit, which is entirely another story), and the interesting drive with the taxi driver, yet another story, and what was suppose to be a 'pit stop' at a bank to pick up more (counterfeit) money - yup, that's another story in itself. Not to mention getting stranded outside our apartment for what felt like an eternity, waiting for the middle man to cross town and deliver the keys, also another story. So by the time we actually made it inside our apartment, many hours later, we were mentally beat. Then in waltzes Andrew and Natalie, all fresh-faced and peppy, clearly no misadventures to report. O.o

Buen día, as the Argentinians would say. Yeah, right.

Honestly, at first glance of BA, I actually thought I was in Madrid all over again, so there really was no rush to explore the streets. When we're not on our mini adventures around the city, we did plenty of resting and tons of trekking between our apartment and Jason/Tracy/Anthony/Marlo/Nick's apartment. Oh, and sobering up. There was a lot of that, too, as evident from our New Year's shindig on the streets of Buenos Aires.

Which we did with American flare. ;-) Now I've mentioned before how it's so much more adventurous traveling with fellow wanderlusters. No rules, no limits, no second guesses. Travelers are resourceful people, I've come to learn over my 7 years of constant travel. They've seen odd things, know a traveling trick or two. With that said, everybody on this trip are seasoned travelers themselves. All 10 of us. And we had a great idea for New Year's which involved giant champagne bottles and my bag I've snagged from Vietnam. (It was the biggest bag we had on hand.)

No, we didn't steal anything. And it went beyond just sneaking in alcohol. But when the great idea proved uber successful, we all ran out the bar, laughing and high-fiving each other, continued ringing in 2010 on the streets of BA and pretty much did the victory dance for the next 2 hours. And kept victory dancing our way down the street, right into a club, where we were locked in til 6am. D'oh. Haha! Nooooow getting out - another story! Double d'oh.

Anthony, "This is my first and last time I'll ever celebrate 2010!"

Well said, my friend. I think we did it justice. =)

besos ... jin.