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The view, the atmosphere, the people - it all seemed a bit drab as we made the lengthy trek from the train station to the castle. Remnants of Communism peppered everywhere we turned. The city unusually quiet, the streets unusually bare. Where were the locals? Everything seemed so ... off. Perhaps it was late September and all the tourists were gone. The overcast day didn't help things either.

As it turned out, Bratislava Castle was one monumental disappointment. Times infinity. It was bad enough having to walk another 15-20 minutes uphill once we've entered the Bratislava Castle grounds (which is just as visually drab as the rest of the city), but once inside the castle, we found that most of it was under renovations. However, all the artifacts were conveniently displayed on the first floor in the meantime, so we took a gander. Aaaand, to be quite honest, it was a bit pathetic. Rocks and bricks and nails all laid out, with a lil synopsis of where they used to live in the castle. Hmm. Oookaaay. But it just wasn't us who thought the mini museum was an epic fail. A couple of tourists echoed our sentiments, stormed over to the cashier, and demanded their money back, 'This museum is SO boring!'

Yah, I'm with you fellow tourists.

But fear not, there is one good thing about the castle. Yes! The vantage point from the outside patios. They hold incredible panoramic views of the city and Danube River. Needless to say, we've spent most of our time up there until we got the munchies. Only then was it time to move on. Get some food. So where the heck is this Old Bratislava? The 2 guys we've asked didn't know much English, though one of them goes into a bus and out comes the entire bus of teenagers! Soon we were surrounded by teenagers who also didn't speak English. But bless their hearts, they helped us the best they could. And somehow, we've found Old Bratislava with it's medieval architectures and darling cobblestone walkways, eerily dead like a ghost town. Wow. This totally does not look like the Eurotrip movie at all. We did manage to find an open restaurant among the sea of closed shops where we've waited forever for just okay goulash. Despite being their only customers. Heh. At this point we thought it was time to hop on that train to Vienna.

I'm sure a lil sun would have made a world of difference in Bratislava. But thank God it was only a day trip. Bratislava, you are officially the most boring trip I have ever taken. Ever. On to Vienna!

besos ... jin.