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For those of you not in the know, that lil red dragon is my traveling gnome. Given as a Christmas present back in 2000 (2001??) by my Thai bestie, Mr. Ricky, so it's only fitting that I'd bring the lil guy along to Thailand. And may I add, Thailand is insanely dragon-friendly ... nothing but first-class treatment for Mushu! Lil dude was popular in the land of Thai!

Anyways, I would have to keep this post on the short side due to birthday planning and photog deadlines. I don't want to undermine the mystical and adventurous spirit of Bangkok by not giving it the full testament it deserves ... but I am. Time is of the essence and I know I'm definitely not giving Bangkok justice with the little synopsis I'm about to give. Oi. Conundrum. But here goes anyways. The gastronomy adventure here is insanely ah-mazing (Street-side crickets, anyone? Didn't try, but still so curious!), the Buddha-inspired visual scenes with tons of color pops are simply breathtaking, and THE down n' dirty backpacker's trekking dreams with the constant foot/boat/tuktuk travel through Bangkok's chaotic and mirky roads. Like Cambodia, there are virtually temples at every corner of the city so getting lost is inevitable. One thing that Ricky and my other good Thai friend, Joy (also a traveling kindred spirit who've I met through a mutual friend in an airport ages ago), had constantly brought up: Beware of scammers. They're everywhere! Left. Right. Up. Down. And these aren't your typical scammers you'd see, like in the street markets of Marrakesh or Peru. No, these are world-class, smooth-talking scammers. They will quickly identify and relate with you, know your story, follow you, give you 'evidence' of why their story is 'true'. In the end, your trust is easily gained (maybe), but not us thanks to V's exhaustive travel research! (I don't research, V does research. It's a match-made in heaven relationship, I tell ya!) We found that 95% of the people offering to 'help' us had an ulterior motive for money! Many of them textbook scenarios as mentioned in Trip Advisor.

So heads up. Mother of all ultimate scammers - Thailand for sure.

Ok, this is quickly becoming quite contradictory to 'keeping it short'. Obviously I have a lot to say about Thailand but that's for another day, another time, another travel story yet to be told.

besos ... jin.