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This was one of those spur-of-the-moment day trips where we walked into a Buquebus travel agency in Buenos Aires (I know! Walking. What internet? So old school!), booked a catamaran ferry, hung out at the port, hopped on a ferry, and an hour later found ourselves in Colonia, Uruguay.


Why Colonia and not Montevideo, you ask? Out of convenience, really. Montevideo is definitely not a day trip from BA. And what the heck is in Uruguay, you also ask? Well, let me tell ya.

Colonia is everything you'd dream of from a quaint Spanish port city constantly plundered by pirates back in the day, filled with romantic cobbled streets and aging colonial buildings. You know, the kind of picturesque place where lovers rendezvous and curious travelers stroll mindlessly, while Zorro kicks ass and takes names. With a rented golf cart on hand, me, V and Jack spent most of our time zipping around this small city, taking in the insanely serene backdrop and relishing the laid-back aura. And man, did our little golf cart take us places! We circled a defunct bull ring and drove miles and miles down a road with incredible ocean views, stopping once in awhile to relax at a beach and tour a pirate museum and explore old forts with it's rusty canons and drawbridges. One of the highlights of the trip was picnicking on top of giant rocks nestled between the fine line of land and water, the Atlantic Ocean lapping at the edges, fishies swimming in the crevices, the sea breeze in your face, the vast expanse of blue sky above. Yeah, Colonia isn't a bad place at all! I see why all these pirates made a big fuss. It's nice here in a slow life kinda way, when you're not too busy trying to dig up treasures.

Would we come back to Uruguay? Most def! Kinda curious what else this country has to offer now that we got a lil taste of the land. Til next time, Uruguay!

besos ... jin.