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There's actually life here in Vienna! Hallelujah! A most welcomed change from our boring Bratislava day trip by leaps and bounds. That's a big deal, y'all. Bratislava was kind of a waste of time. So we had some major catching up to do in Vienna. Though, we didn't do anything that much more differently in Vienna than in Bratislava. Usual touristy bit and stuff. Just more of it in Vienna! Hah!

Vienna was one heck of a visual treat for us. Maybe because we just came from drabby Bratislava and starving for something more culturally stimulating. But yeah, the architecture in Vienna is quite unique. There was not a place in Vienna that me, V + Ricky went that wasn't in the Classical or Baroque sense. Maybe a touch of Medieval here and there, but really, Classical and Baroque all the way. There's Mr. Mozart, the master Classical pianist, and his home tour decked out in Classical decor. We attended a symphony in a church performing, you've guessed it, Classical and Baroque masterpieces. Then there's the Schönbrunn Palace in all it's Rococo and Baroque-y-ness version of Alice in Wonderland. Even the alcohol here are sold in cute little violin-shaped bottles! So Baroque! So Classical! So Vienna!

Though, this is not the last I'll see of this beautiful, Classical city. I have an older sister, bro-in-law and a lil nephew living in Vienna, of all places, so a visit in the near future is a must. Before you go asking all these questions of why I didn't visit them the last I was there - there's only so much I can cram in 2.5 days. Plus we were traveling with Ricky and he unselfishly hooked us up with Executive VIP rooms and services at The Marriott. Not my usual means of stay. I'm all about hostels and residencias. But when free and luxury comes your way - you just take it! (Thanks, Accenture! You, sucker.)

With that said, I have never ate so much complimentary Haribo gummy bears from the VIP lounge in my life. (And gourmet appetizers and fancy crackers and yummy desserts and mixed drinks and wine. All complimentary! Again, thanks, Accenture!) With all the free access to food, there wasn't much local foodie adventures squeezed in. Something I must also make up for in my next visit, 'cause ya know, I really must see for myself why Vienna sausages aren't really Vienna sausages in the American sense. Which I'm still in shock about. (Say it ain't so!)

Anyways, we'z got a date to continue, Vienna. See you in 2015-ish, yah?

besos ... jin.