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These 'Throwback Travel Thursdays' are coming to a bittersweet end. (Oh, and nevermind that it's not actually Thursday anymore. Kinda waited til the last minute to crank this out.) But yeah, can't believe it took me 6 months to plow through all my travels between 2006-2012! Now the real question is if I want to continue with my travels before 2006. It would be another 15 or so countries, at least 4 more months dedicated to weekly travel writing. It's an ambitious project to continue. Maybe something to start up again next year, 'cause to be honest, I do welcome the break after today! So it's only fitting to end here in the meantime with one of my favoritest cities in the whole wide world: Prague.

Now Prague is one of those past visited cities that me and Ricky constantly reminisce about from time to time. Actually, just 2 weeks ago we've spent a good 30 minutes laughing over travel funnies and mishaps from Prague! 'Remember when we OD'd on Haribo gummy bears?', 'Remember those giant frisbee-size wafers sitting on our hotel pillows instead of mints?', 'Remember when we bought a bunch of Absinthe from that one random store we found in an alley?', 'Remember when 2 bottles of Absinthe broke in my luggage and all my clothes got drenched? MotherF$*#%!' Hahaha! The funnies goes on and on! Good times!

Other than the inside travel jokes and memories, Prague is a stunner. A vast contrast from the rest of Czech Republic, it seems. The 4 hour train ride from Vienna to Prague proved to be a bit underwhelming, with tons of greenery blurring by and looking oddly like Texas. Occasionally, remnants of communism would dot the landscape, more so when crossing the Czech border, but the noticeable change in scenery occurred once we've entered Prague. Stunning Gothic and Bohemian architecture suddenly revealing themselves from the forest and arising from the Vltava river. It's absolutely amazing how many of Prague's historical attractions survived the world war destruction. These sites are breathtaking! Gorgeous! Pristine! Some even thoroughly enjoyed solo. That's right. Sweet, sweet alone time. When you're constantly with someone (Ricky and Vince) for over 2 weeks, 24/7, all the freakin' time - hey, that's a lot of Ricky and Vince! With Vince already back in the states after Vienna and out of the picture, it was just Ricky to get away from. Just for the day. And I must say, there are some pros in traveling solo for a bit. It's quite therapeutic. Humbling, even.

Def looking forward to the day I get to go back to Prague. Something about this city adds a lil spring to your step and brings the adventurous spirit out in ya. The carefree vibe and 'tude feeding off the awe-inspiring city visuals is truly infectious. I can only imagine how much Prague changed since the last I was there. In 2008, Prague was at the brink of no longer becoming Europe's best kept secret. Everything was still dirt cheap. Now uber touristy and overcrowded with travelers, it probably lost some of it's hidden charm and affordability. But who cares when first impressions left such an indelible mark in ya? Prague will always be a happy, happy place for me.

Prague, I am coming back for ya!

besos ... jin.