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Heading to Vancouver in a week and who better to ask than a local who just so happens to be a fellow wanderluster + awesome photog friend? Wished I had met her 7 years ago when I first traveled to Vancouvertown. She would have made my stay quite a fun-filled one peppered with tons of laughing moments, I'm sure! Anywho, looks like we won't be crossing paths in her hometown anytime soon (Carli is traveling to one of my fave European cities, Prague, while we're in town. Lucky duck!) so I just have to settle for her written words of wisdom. And because I'm much too lazy to summarize her 'book', I hope she won't mind me posting the entire email here. Word for word. 'Cause ain't it nice to hear it straight from a local, anyways? Can't get any more authentic advice than that! Looking forward to the day we get to play in your ol' stomping grounds together in the near future, Carli woman! I may still need more convincing then that Vancouver is a cool town. =P

Oh, and one more thing, Carli! Let's get that much anticipated photowalk in gear! Somewhere, anywhere in this big, big world. Over a cup of coffee, lavender or not, yah? (That last one's for dissing my Lavender Latte hunting efforts, lol. But, whatevs, I still love ya!)

Anyways, here's a big ol' hearty 'Eh!' to get into the Canadian spirit. Bring on the moose, maple syrup + poutine! Eh! O Canada, O Canada! ... EH!


Hey darlin'

A friend of mine called me very frantically yesterday with the exact same question. I've never heard of this medina cafe, but someone gave me a tin of horrible lavendar cookies a few months ago that left a very strong floral aftertaste for HOURS after eating one, so I'm not particularly into the whole lavendar in anything trend.

Alright - here are some of the things you NEEEED to eat in Van: Grounds for coffee cinnimon buns in Kitsilano (@Alma and Broadway), while you're on a sugar binge in Kits 49th Parallel Coffee (@W4th Ave and Yew) has awesome drinks and the best donuts I've ever had. Rootbeer float donut?

Apple maple bacon donut? oh yes. From there, you can just wander up and down W4th - lots of cute shops around there. Granville island is a lovely place for grazing on a little bit of everything.


Having sushi twice a day, every day, is not a waste of time if you're in Vancouver. It's awesome, it's cheap and pretty much any sushi place in the city is good. Sure there are probably some upscale places that make it extra good, but I could never be bothered to pay more for it than the normal sushi places that are like every 3rd restaurant.

Korean is also super good. There's a few places at the west end of Robson street I normally rotate between. Now there's some lame rule against open flames at tables or something though, so everything's done on stupid table top hot plates instead of grilling.

Pho is good everywhere. My favorite is in Kits right near UBC. I don't know the name of the shop, but it's a hideous green with a neon sign that says "Thai Spicy Vietnamese Food" what the hell is that? I don't know, but their soup is wicked. It's just opposite the Safeway supermarket at the very end of W10th ave before it goes into the UBC campus.

Raw oysters in BC are fantastic. if you're into that sort of thing, find some in Van. yummmmmmm Fable on W4th is supposed to be brilliant. Serious culinary goodness, but their prices are really decent. I was supposed to go there last time I was in town, but we couldn't get in the day I wanted to go and then it just didn't work out after that :(

As far as non-food places... hmmm...

Sanley park is nice, Granville island's nice to wander a bit, Kitsilano has some nice shops and lots of coffee/people watching potential.

UBC campus is really pretty if the weather is good. Anywhere in town is really pretty when the weather is good, really.

SOOORRRY for being silent on the flickr! I'm here, I totally promise! I've just got nothing remotely interesting to post, and I've been trying to be a good little curator and actually make my monthly selection target for the first time in like... ever, probably. hmmmm I AM here though! I'm also on your blog, but I hate how wordpress makes me comment and it confuses me, so that's my excuse for just creeping on there without leaving any evidence. Sorry 'bout that.

ok, I just scrolled to the top of this short novel. This is getting silly... I should stop typing and go to bed. nighty night!



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