a november beach wedding + happy (rainy) friday!

kf + jeff's wedding in jamaica.

There's so much of November I want to dive into and share and talk about! My bestie's amazing beach destination wedding in Jamaica last Sunday. The insanely fun and stress-free experience as Maid of Honor. Mini Jamaica travel misadventures. Upcoming holiday photoshoots. Creative projects I always keep bringing up, but could never just start. I want to delve into end of the year musings and ponder about 2014 dreams. I want to touch on a #tbt heartfelt sister message from the ex-sissy in laws (I love ya, Nadia + Bianca!) and find solace in aging and quell this restlessness of wanting to travel, travel, travel. I want to do what I love, and love what I do.

Such are my November highlights and conundrums. 

But it's Friday. It's cold. It's rainy. It's gray. All I want to do is cuddle with the dog. Drink coffee with the roomie before she heads off to Dallas. Edit pictures. Try out a pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe. Video chat with the sister and besties. Wrap presents and cook a warm butternut squash gourmet meal with the hubsterz. Maybe watch a foreign film or two. The best kind of stay-at-home weather and activities, no?

besos ... jin.