holiday 2013 featurette on sainsbury's.

My Mustache Straw DIY got featured on Sainsbury's!

Hi, lovelies! Just spent the past few glorious days in Jamaica for one of my bestie's wedding.

Yah, mon.

Long story short, everything about KF + Jeff's wedding was fun and laid-back and fun and intimate and FUN. But more on that later! The reason why I'm posting: 1) It's been a week since I've poked my head around here. Let's face it. I've been slacking. Aaaaand 2) One of my DIY tutorials got featured on a Holiday 2013 article by Sainsbury's! Eee! Now I don't normally blog about things like these, although getting featured as creative/photographic inspiration on various social media and blogs over the past few years has been an honor and a blessing (MUCHO THANKS for the support, everyone!!), but this blog is from UK! Whoa! International, baby! Ch-ch-check it out! There are some pretty amazing holiday tutorials featured alongside my dinky Mustache Straw DIY. Specifically the gold-tipped feather tutorial. I've been meaning to do a similar tutorial, but looks like somebody beat me to it! (Long-distance high five, Copenhaven!)

besos ... jin.