photo feature in's december article.

featured photo in

V was doing research on the internetz when he stumbled upon one of my photos (albeit, a wildly cropped version of the original) published in an article last month.


Excuse the 'motions I'm going through. It's my first time to see one of my photos as a Getty Images Contributor in actual use! ('Cause ya know, I've always wondered where all my sold images go. They never tell you!) AND my name is in the same page as Angelina Jolie, Wendy Davis, Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams ... BEYONCE?! (What da!) It is truly an honor to be in an article featuring some of 2013's inspiring women! Honestly can't believe my luck! I'm in an article singing the praises of independent women and unconventional inspiration. The exact ideologies and manifestations that embodies this blog! (I hope.)

How serendipitous for things to come in 2014! Can not wait to see what good things will unveil itself in this coming year! *fist pump*

besos ... jin.