love weekend recap.

valentine's 2014.

It's not every year Love Day falls on a Friday and extends it's glorious self right into the weekend. As if that weren't enough good juju already, throw in perfect weather, spontaneous plans, c'est la vie attitude - and life couldn't be better! Seriously, I'm more than convinced that something (love? =P) must be in the air this past weekend. So why was it so awesome? Our Love Day version consisted of cheesy traditions of homemade heart-shaped eats (every year, more challenging!), a morning run with the dog around Lady Bird Lake, an insane 1.5 day foodie adventure spear-headed by an old high school friend and his Houston residency buddies (somewhere in there the Hubster and I went rogue for a bit - a nap, a massage, an intimate dindin at Cafe Josie, another nap - all made it's way into the epic trail-blazin' food coma marathon), and a Jin-made Valentine's card sesh for all my best girlfriends before Monday rolled around.

Whew. Best. Weekend. Ever.

Low-key, adventurous, memorable. Can't every day be like this?

besos ... jin.