VSCO grid mention.

with honors.

This is truly an honor! I've always been a long-time fan of VSCO and their unabashedly creative moto: 'By creatives, For creatives. We value art and artists over decimals and dollars, and we are dedicated to those that create with reckless abandon.'

They embody everything Photography should be: Organic. Meaningful. Unique creative voice.

'We are constantly encouraged to see people all around the world sharing their unique perspectives via the VSCO community. When browsing the curated VSCO Grid, it is easy to see that people don't care solely about photography or social standing, but more importantly, people have a high esteem for sharing with others what they hold dear. Whether we realize it or not, there are distractions all around us begging for our attention, but when we focus in and take time to truly appreciate the world around us, we are reminded that life itself carries momentous beauty. Thank you for using photography as a way to observe, rather than intrude upon, the world around you.

No, thank you, VSCO, for championing the raw visual heart and going beyond 'just another pretty picture'.

besos ... jin.