another VSCO grid mention.


Finally! A legit photo straight outta my SLR and not from my iPhone. I feel validated. A million thank yous, VSCO, for letting me be my lil ol' quirky self and to be that girl who's vision is always outside the box. So with that, let's end July with a simple reminder of why we photograph indelible moments that matter to us and to us only, a la VSCO style:

'Viewing such diverse subject matter on VSCO Grid can be a humbling experience, as we realize how narrow our field of vision is in regards to the larger picture. The world we live in is a complicated place, and our capacity to fully understand its intricacies is impossible. However, it is important that we try not to allow our lack of knowledge to affect our empathy and capacity to care about another's perspective. Thank you for sharing instances that are full of life and speak truth to your personal experiences.' 

besos ... jin.