eurotrip 2014.

eurotrip 2014.

10 days. 2 countries.

Wished it was more like a bajillion countries in 10 days (Believe me! I've tried!), but the hubsterz had to lure me back down from Cloud 9. (Put up a bit of a fight on the way down, hah!)

But, but, but ... I kinda liked it on Cloud 9!

One of my travel dreams is to spend at least a year in Europe, hopping from country to country, spending my days photographing/exploring Old World beauty and nights dining/conversing with the locals. There's something utterly simple in this whole European lifestyle. And I'm totally head-over-heels in love with it. Quality of life, man.

In the meantime, I'll take Europe in small doses until that dream becomes a reality. I'm determined to beat my longest European cameo of 4 months!

Countless thank yous to the long-time Euro friends (Andy, Guil, Jan + Stef) for making this most recent Euro trip pounce unlike any other Euro trip experience in the past! It's a whole different ballgame when you personally see their world through their eyes and their words  right next to them. I felt like we were more than just passerbys. More like somewhere between tourists and locals. Hah! Thank you, friends from Ireland + Germany - y'all made us fall even more in love with your country!

Euro City 1 >>>  Dublin, Ireland.

Euro City 2 >>> Berlin, Germany.

Euro City 3 >>> Tübingen, Germany.

besos ... jin.