in between places.

brooklyn bridge sunrise.

So this happened 2 weeks ago.

Woke up at 5a, hauled ass from East Village to Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn-side), and set up (photog) shop as fast as we could when the fist hints of the night time sky started to fade into colors. The perfect sunrise locale with perfect sunrise hues and perfect sunrise weather.

And I've been dreaming of that perfect moment ever since.

Le sigh.

Can't wait to start editing the NYC snaps. As y'all have noticed this past year (or 5!) that I kinda have a time management problem.

Still. Can't seem to discipline myself into a schedule. It's just not my thayng. (Couldn't really pinpoint why until I took this test - now it ALL makes sense!) But first thing's first. Gotta get through the last round of Eurotrip edits. (A month overdue, admittedly. I know, I know - for shame!) Then on to the final rounds of photoshoots and trips and holidays to close out 2014. It's times like these that it sure would be nice if those photos edit themselves! More eating, less editing. Now that's an ideal Holiday 2014 (and 2015!) situation!

besos ... jin.