still dreaming of lalaland.

L.A. 2014

Fall 2014 Mini Trip #2: Los Angeles.

Sans dog.

I expect this trip to live up to the insanely high standards as the last 2 L.A. cameo trips. Albeit, I was in my 20s and a whole lot more spunkier. And energetic. And immune to jet lag then. But aside from the obvious fact that I can't hang like I used to - No excuses!

SoCal - I'm so 85% ready for ya. Let's do this!

(Packing and planning issues ain't no joke. Recurring problem, really. Probably helped if I hadn't waited, oh, at the very last minute. =X You woulda thunk I had that all figured out after 10+ years and 50+ countries later! Travel fail!)

besos ... jin.