mention // trailblazer for made with map.


Last week I received some random great news.

This. Featured Trailblazer for Made with Map.

Me. Trailblazin'. ... Huzzah!

What a way to kick off 2015! (I only hope this is a very good sign for a very good year.)

Now if you haven't heard of Made with Map, it's like an Instagram for adventure-seekin', not-your-ordinary, creative type traveler with 'exceptional' travel photography. When I first heard that a friend of a friend co-founded this website and learned more of it's sole purpose, I was intrigued. It sounded like a community to meet like-minded travel creatives.

I've come to pleasantly find after immediately becoming part of that community - it's exactly so! I've befriended some talented kindred souls from around the world. Still am. Some are on a 'pen pal' status. The support for each other's creative endeavor has been unwavering and incredibly encouraging. And I dig that inspiring environment. 

My kinds of people.

Anyhoo, look for the Trailblazer photo feature on Instagram next Wednesday. =)

besos ... jin.