east 6th photowalk.

East 6th Street. November 2014. Photo by Jin Chu-Ferrer.

See that wall? Exactly how my thoughts are.

All the freakin' time.

Disorganized. Scattered. Sometimes comprehensible. 

101 creative ideas dancing around each other. And no time to tackle them all.

Had some time to reflect on this photoblog since getting back into the blogging game a few years back. 

Experimented with a few formats, played around with some concepts, re-evaluated creative priorities. 

I learned that I simply can't do it all. 

I also feel that all my interests are not cohesive enough in just one blog. 

Time to switch things up. Try a different approach. Divide and conquer.

So be on the lookout for 3 separate blogs: Photoblog, DIY, Fashion.

And sure, why not? Maybe even a Food blog - 'cause I'm cray like that! 

besos ... jin.