diy // marquee letter lights.


Been wanting an unexpectedly fun and 'urban minimalist' decor to spruce up my current tiny kitchen situation. In comes these marquee lights. They're perfect for that future dream kitchen look I'm going for - all white palette, natural wood and silver tones, pops of mint and neon yellow accent colors. Clean lines and all that jazz. I feel these marquee lights are a step in the right direction. It only took me 3 years to actually get started on them, but hey, baby steps, baby steps. This dream kitchen will happen. Eventually. Far future [gotta get a house first] eventually.

Well, what I thought would be a simple DIY turned into quite a time-consuming effort spanning a few days! So much eye-balling and realigning and spacing and poking and cutting and taping. In other words, the OCD in me took over, leading me into some very mixed feelings about these DIY marquee lights. Perhaps they should be of metal material to give that clean industrial look? A bit on the unpolished side? Too DIYish looking? Can't have wonky lights in that future minimalist dream kitchen! So for now, they will do til the real thing.


Materials // Paper Mache LettersString Lights. X-acto Knife. Gold Spray Paint. White Tissue Paper. Scissors. Pencil/Pen. Clear Packing Tape. Newspaper.


How-to // 1. Use X-acto knife to cut off the top portion of each letter. // 2. Take out stuffing. // 3. Go outside. Lay down newspaper sheets on the ground, plop each letter on top (with open-side facing the ground), and spray paint away. One layer spray paint is enough. // 4. Wait for spray paint to dry. Takes about 15-20 minutes. // 5. Using pen or pencil, mark spots inside the now dry paper mache letters of where you would want the lights to be. // 6. Use X-acto knife to cut through the marks. Cut in an 'X' fashion. // 7. With the X-acto knife or Pen (with a wide base), further widen the hole by sticking the pen through the hole. // 8. Turn the letters over and cut off the excess cardboard with X-acto knife. // 9. Now with white tissue paper, plop the letters on top of tissue paper and trace with a pencil. // 10. Cut the letters out. No need to cut along the trace exactly. I recommend slightly cutting outside the trace for a 'wider' version than the paper mache letters themselves. That way, the tissue paper letter will fit snuggly inside the paper mache. // 11. Fit tissue paper letters inside paper mache letters. // 12. With X-acto knife, puncture holes through the tissue paper straight through the existing holes on the paper mache. // 13. Unscrew light bulbs off the light string. // 14. Fit light bulbs in the holes you've made in the paper mache letters. // 15. Screw the light bulbs back on the light string, this time with paper mache between the bulb and string. // 16. Bundle the light strings to the backside of the paper mache letters and tape them down. Try to tape it down where you can't see the light strings at all when you flip the letters over.

Difficulty // 7.


besos ... jin.