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Christmas in Brazil is looking like a hot summer day in Texas, ain't it? Probably one of the most un-Christmas Christmases I've had ... ever! (And yah, it really was as hot as Texas!) 7 of us Texans headed down south on a mini tour of South America for the holidays and like every first timers in Rio, we did the touristy bit. Although truthfully, there isn't much touristy stuff to do other than live the good life 24/7. It's all about the beach, coconut water, (cheap!) acai juice, stunning panoramic views of the city, more beach. One thing that is def quintessentially Rio - the infectious party vibe. Like, all the freakin' time. You Brazilians really know how to live it up! If it weren't for the prices skyrocketing overnight for new year's, we would have stuck around. Heard it gets uber cray-cray. Second only to Carnival! Ah well. One day. Visa's still good!

With that said - Summer Olympics 2016, anyone?

besos ... jin.