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Who knew Preăh Réachéanachâk Kâmpŭchéa (Quick translation: Kingdom of Cambodia. Mind-boggling, am I right??) is insufferably humid in April?? As is the case in all the other countries we've visited on this tour of South East Asia 2009. Cambodia being the 4th leg of 6. I've only been in Asia during the monsoon season prior to this epic tour, having spent a handful of summers in The Philippines and Hong Kong as a child. Those were some humid, humid times, man. And I hated it. So, yeah, I wasn't expecting it to be so hot so early in the year. Even Texas doesn't get this hot in April!

I know, I know.

Suck it up. (April! It's just not right.) But really, as much as this Texan complains about humidity, it's all a minor inconvenience. Really. When you're zipping through the countryside in a tuk-tuk for a few days, the wind delightfully tousling your hair, occasional out-stretched arm beyond the tuk-tuk perimeters pretending to fly as ancient ruins and countless temples blur past you - it really, really, really doesn't matter. A backpack of essentials, camera for visual evidence, front row seats to a grand view - life is pretty good. Often times you forget just how hot it is when there's so much adventure around you. Trekking through Angkor Wat and playing amongst the Banyan trees and seeking refuge in a leaky temple from a sudden torrential downpour and chasing off hungry monkeys and searching for the source of mystical music when on a hike and following the many orange-robed monks just because you're amused that they are taking pictures with their cellphones. All once in a lifetime memories made possible by me and V's tuk-tuk driver! Like, what humidity?

Last picture. That's Sukoon. The awesomest driver in all of Cambodia. Look him up. He'll take care of you! Tell him Jin and Vince sent ya. =)

besos ... jin.