As a self-employed Travel Photographer, I've spent a good chunk of 2016 and 2017 traveling abroad. 6 months in Middle East / Eastern Europe, 5 months in Asia. The travel schedule was grueling, yet exhilarating, and I loved every second of it! But because of the on-the-go lifestyle, taking care of my skin took a backseat. My 36 year old self with combination skin started to feel the effects of travel fatigue and aging.

When I got back to The States, I needed a refreshing skin care routine that will bring life back to my skin. Fast. So that's where Saranghae entered the picture.

Upon initial research, everything about Saranghae looked promising and legit. I was actually really surprised at the amount of helpful information (not mindless fluff) on the Saranghae website. Always a bonus when a company is uber transparent about the process and ingredients that are implemented and used. Detail goes into literally everything! It's like skin care demystified! I've learned so much on how to take better care of myself!

On a side note, and something that just dawned on me ... throughout high school, a good friend of mine would periodically visit family in Korea and come back to The States with tons of beauty products for me to try. At the time I didn't know why Korean products were all the rage, but now I know: Natural ingredients are primarily used in Korean makeup. NATURAL IS GOLDEN and the key to the anti-aging regimen.


Final verdict after 2 months of using the products:
On-the-fence now turn firm believer. My skin is soft and balanced. Because of the fresh face feeling, the only makeup I wear on a daily basis is lipstick and mattifying face moisturizer. And if I do decide to put on foundation, I have a great base to start off with! It might be too soon to notice if Saranghae wards off wrinkles, but so far, I'm liking the results!

My only complaint:
I wish there's a light-weight SPF face moisturizer!

Would I recommend?:
A resounding YES!

Learn more about Saranghae here!


Below I reviewed each individual product in the 5 step skin care routine.

This is probably one of a handful of face cleansers that I've tried in my life that doesn't leave your skin dry! I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Thanks to the oil-based cleanser, I get that utterly clean feeling and much needed hydration at the same time.

Immediate improvement was seen with my skin and I believe it's all because of this nifty essence and serum concoction. It's full of nutrients and benefits that gets really deep into the skin. For years, I thought slathering cream after washing my face was enough. But now I know that all that is ineffective, because the cream doesn't penetrate the outer skin layer! Serum is needed to really get in there and get the job done before applying any cream!

This cream is kinda heavy so I use it before I go to bed, right after I wash my face and apply the serum. The following morning, I awake to a noticeably plump and glowing complexion. Def a great way to start off the day!

Here's another product that I'm a huge fan of! The skin around our eyes are incredibly sensitive, so it totally makes sense to have something that caters for it's needs. My eye bags aren't as prominent after continued use, making me look more awake than I really am!

Whoa, this mask packs some serious punch to the beauty routine! Use only as needed. And I only needed it once these past 2 months. But wow, I'm still reaping the benefits after using the mask a few days ago! My skin is super velvety and hydrated and glowy!


To learn more about Saranghae, visit


** This is a sponsored post by Saranghae. Though all thoughts and opinions are my own. **



Eastpak and French fashion powerhouse, PAUL & JOE, recently unveiled a collection of unique luggage designs that captures the carefree essence of travel.

This is where I come in.

My 2nd collaboration with Eastpak and it's by far my favorite one. This time around I get to combine my 2 passions in life: Travel and Photography. AND to make this an even more of a dream collab for this wanderluster, I've always been a fan of Eastpak! Since high school!

Check out Eastpak's Instagram and Facebook to see my travel story of The Philippines' Kayangan Lake in Palawan. As well as my product photos on the newly launched #EastpakxPaulandJoe luggage collection.

Rest of the awesome collection can be seen here:

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Parabo Press Collab
Hi Frands and Framily!

I've teamed up with Parabo Press to give y'all a little something fun and free for the holiday season! 25 Free Square Prints - of your own photos - are waiting for you to play around with!

Freebie Code: JCFSQ

That's my initials, with SQ for Square Prints. Easy to remember! It is good for First-Time Customers to get a Free set of 25 Square Prints. You'll just have to:

1. Upload the app.
2. Choose your personal photos from your phone.
3. Pay for shipping.

I wouldn't promote anything that I don't like. I actually have used their products a couple of times in the past and I can attest, quality is top notch. Photos are printed on extra thick matte paper. Details are not lost and colors are unbelievably wonderful. I've used these square prints for various creative purposes, from personalized Christmas Gift Tags to simple wall decor taped down with washi tape. If you love curating your life - if you love to have your photos beautifully printed - then you'll love Parabo Press!

Check out more sample prints of my travel photos below. And, please! Let me know what you think of your prints, if you do decide to order a set!

Parabo Press Collab
Parabo Press Collab
Parabo Press Collab