NYC 2014 // Lomo Version

nyc 2014.
nyc 2014.
nyc 2014.
nyc 2014.
nyc 2014.

Snippets of NYC 2014 shot with The Golden Half. By Jin Chu-Ferrer.


Heading to NYC later today.

14 more hours ... 

This giddiness. It has me digging up our last NYC photog adventures back in late 2014.

More daydreaming. More game planning. 

Then I stumbled across forgotten Golden Half lomo versions of that trip.

Light leaks. Happy surprises. Beautiful blurs.

So, so good. 

Hoping to recreate that mindless trigger happiness this weekend.

That Golden Half. It's a badass lil sucker.


Gotta snooze it up.

See y'all in a New York minute!

besos ... jin.