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Have you ever been to a place so surreal, you thought you've actually died and gone to heaven? Well, let me tell you about Santorini. Aka Heaven. As highly recommended by an old middle school friend, Miss Amy Wang (Fodor's Ex-Assistant Editor and fellow world traveler). We're talking insanely sapphire skies, unmarred white-washed and pastel-colored 'cottages' dotting the visually commanding jagged cliffs, unbelievably well-kept cobblestone walkways, mesmerizing orange-hued sunsets, fabulous beach weather, colorful foliage complimenting every quaint nook and cranny. Pristine, mang, pristine. And picturesque! Even the dogs here thought they were in heaven. I've never seen such relaxed and lazy pooches in my life!

Now getting to Santorini was a different story. After spending a bit of time in Athens, me, V, and Ricky had tried to hop on a catamaran at one of it's famed ports (also famed for unreliable ferry schedules), which unsurprisingly ended up not leaving at all. But it's all good. Flexibility is my middle name! And by the way, we wouldn't have met Take from Japan if it weren't for that unexpected change of plans! Poor guy was trying to hop on the same catamaran and ended up following us the whole time.

Funny guy, he is. =)

The 2nd catamaran mishap happened from Santorini to Mykonos. There was a storm, the waters were uber choppy, the boat a bit bouncy. Aaaand, I totally ate it. Bad. The 2 most uncomfortable hours I have ever spent on any boat in my life. But, hey, I just saw one of the most beautiful places on Earth! My bucket list is getting smaller!

All in all, totally worth checking out The Cyclades/Heaven even if there is an easier way to get there. Like, airplane. But who wants to drop $$$ when the hard way is so much more cheaper?

besos ... jin.