Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.

7 months later and I'm finally DONE plowing through 500+ visuals of Indonesia!  D-O-N-E. Huzzah! So here it is, the third and final leg of our epic Eat Pray Love journey in Bali, Indonesia. And what better way to celebrate new year's than to experience it in another country and culture with a loved one! This was def a more leisurely trip compared to India and Sri Lanka, where we did over a month of nonstop adventure trekking and getting down n' dirty with the local customs, so by the time we hit up Bali, we were ready to chillax, breath, and enjoy the good island life. Oh! I must share one of the more memorable moments in Bali - I had the pleasure of dining at the table NEXT to Miss Tyra Banks. Nevermind that she caught be staring at her, gawking, really.  But, wow! Indonesia of all places! IloveyouTyra!  And I love you, Indonesia!

besos ... jin.