{kitchen de ferrer} lavender panna cotta.

kitchen de ferrer // homemade lavender panna cotta.
kitchen de ferrer // homemade lavender panna cotta.

Oh yes, more lavender adventures in the Ferrer cocina! Panna Cotta with lavender. My new favorite summer dessert. I'd say this is one of my lavender success stories with minimal attempts involved. (You don't wanna know how many times I've tweaked the Lavender Latte and Lavender Lemonade recipes. Still tweaking, btw. =X) Not only is it light and leaves a hint of lavender on the tongue - kitchen time is, like, 20 minutes. Max. Any recipe that takes less than 30 minutes prep and cook and clean up time is def a keeper in my books! I had tried several recipes and found The Kitchn and Leite's Culinaria versions to be the yummiest. Though, one turned out to be too sweet, while the other too subtle. Sensing a bit of the ol' Goldilocks trend here, I ended up combining both recipes and tweaking some of the ratios (follow The Kitchn's recipe but with 1 tbsp gelatin powder, 1 tbsp lavender, 1/4 cup sugar).

Juuust right.

Gonna tuck in more spoonfuls of panna cotta before yoga. Shameless, I know.


besos ... jin.

{kitchen de ferrer} lavender latte.


Been riding a lavender high lately and thanks to Mark's suggestion tried the Lavender Soy Latte from Bouldin Creek Cafe. Love at first sip! And ever since then I've been trying to recreate it at home with this and this recipe. After a few variations I've quickly realized the delicacy of the lavender flavor. It's really easy to overpower the lavender taste with espresso unless complimented with sugar or vanilla or honey (which I'm totally trying out in the upcoming experiments). I've also read that a little bit of lavender syrup or lavender flavor goes a long way, which I've, too, added to my arsenal of lavender coffee-making must haves. Here's hoping to achieve that right hint of lavender ... eventually!

More on the lavender coffee talk subject, I've been hearing how divine the Lavender Latte from Medina Cafe is in Vancouver. Can not wait to get my lips on it in September!

besos ... jin.