Travels and Chill feature.
Dear Frands and Framily,

Instahusband and I recently got featured on an up and coming relationship-based travel blog called Travels and Chill. So honored to be part of their blog launch! Totally lovin' their motto:

"Redefining relationship goals and inspiring couples to travel the world."


Read our interview here --> The Story Behind Us: Jin & Vince.

This article wouldn't have been possible without the love and support and enthusiasm of all our friends and family who've followed our 6 month journey through The Middle East and Eastern Europe. It's a relief knowing that so many understands and respects our life choices, even though it doesn't fit the mold of societal norms. THANK YOU, again, fellow daydreamers and wanderlusters for accepting us for us. =)

Jincent <3


Meant to post this awhile back. Seeing as we're only in the 8th month of 2016 - there's still time! You have 4 months to YOLO your heart out before the year ends! Better late than never, says every risk-taker and rule-breaker out there!
Refinery29 Travel IG Contest

So friends, I'm beyond honored to have 1 of the 5 winning virtual vacation images curated by Refinery29 and Tiny Atlas Quarterly. 2 major online publications! One for the forward female creative, the other for the travel adventurer.

If you need travel ideas for 2016, look no more. Check out this Refinery29 article of the chosen 5 must-see places to add to that ever growing bucket list of yours. You'll find my Wadi Rum image among that list, and honestly, it's a lifetime trip that will change you body and soul!

The other cool thing from the win? An Instagram follower, inspired by my image, sketched me riding a camel! Lol. At least the high bun is on point with real-life me!

Keep on adventuring, fellow wanderlusters! Let me know where your heart takes you! Comment below or on my Travel Instagram!


mention // trailblazer for made with map.


Last week I received some random great news.

This. Featured Trailblazer for Made with Map.

Me. Trailblazin'. ... Huzzah!

What a way to kick off 2015! (I only hope this is a very good sign for a very good year.)

Now if you haven't heard of Made with Map, it's like an Instagram for adventure-seekin', not-your-ordinary, creative type traveler with 'exceptional' travel photography. When I first heard that a friend of a friend co-founded this website and learned more of it's sole purpose, I was intrigued. It sounded like a community to meet like-minded travel creatives.

I've come to pleasantly find after immediately becoming part of that community - it's exactly so! I've befriended some talented kindred souls from around the world. Still am. Some are on a 'pen pal' status. The support for each other's creative endeavor has been unwavering and incredibly encouraging. And I dig that inspiring environment. 

My kinds of people.

Anyhoo, look for the Trailblazer photo feature on Instagram next Wednesday. =)

besos ... jin.

another VSCO grid mention.


Finally! A legit photo straight outta my SLR and not from my iPhone. I feel validated. A million thank yous, VSCO, for letting me be my lil ol' quirky self and to be that girl who's vision is always outside the box. So with that, let's end July with a simple reminder of why we photograph indelible moments that matter to us and to us only, a la VSCO style:

'Viewing such diverse subject matter on VSCO Grid can be a humbling experience, as we realize how narrow our field of vision is in regards to the larger picture. The world we live in is a complicated place, and our capacity to fully understand its intricacies is impossible. However, it is important that we try not to allow our lack of knowledge to affect our empathy and capacity to care about another's perspective. Thank you for sharing instances that are full of life and speak truth to your personal experiences.' 

besos ... jin.

VSCO grid mention.

with honors.

This is truly an honor! I've always been a long-time fan of VSCO and their unabashedly creative moto: 'By creatives, For creatives. We value art and artists over decimals and dollars, and we are dedicated to those that create with reckless abandon.'

They embody everything Photography should be: Organic. Meaningful. Unique creative voice.

'We are constantly encouraged to see people all around the world sharing their unique perspectives via the VSCO community. When browsing the curated VSCO Grid, it is easy to see that people don't care solely about photography or social standing, but more importantly, people have a high esteem for sharing with others what they hold dear. Whether we realize it or not, there are distractions all around us begging for our attention, but when we focus in and take time to truly appreciate the world around us, we are reminded that life itself carries momentous beauty. Thank you for using photography as a way to observe, rather than intrude upon, the world around you.

No, thank you, VSCO, for championing the raw visual heart and going beyond 'just another pretty picture'.

besos ... jin.

photo feature in's december article.

featured photo in

V was doing research on the internetz when he stumbled upon one of my photos (albeit, a wildly cropped version of the original) published in an article last month.


Excuse the 'motions I'm going through. It's my first time to see one of my photos as a Getty Images Contributor in actual use! ('Cause ya know, I've always wondered where all my sold images go. They never tell you!) AND my name is in the same page as Angelina Jolie, Wendy Davis, Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams ... BEYONCE?! (What da!) It is truly an honor to be in an article featuring some of 2013's inspiring women! Honestly can't believe my luck! I'm in an article singing the praises of independent women and unconventional inspiration. The exact ideologies and manifestations that embodies this blog! (I hope.)

How serendipitous for things to come in 2014! Can not wait to see what good things will unveil itself in this coming year! *fist pump*

besos ... jin.

holiday 2013 featurette on sainsbury's.

My Mustache Straw DIY got featured on Sainsbury's!

Hi, lovelies! Just spent the past few glorious days in Jamaica for one of my bestie's wedding.

Yah, mon.

Long story short, everything about KF + Jeff's wedding was fun and laid-back and fun and intimate and FUN. But more on that later! The reason why I'm posting: 1) It's been a week since I've poked my head around here. Let's face it. I've been slacking. Aaaaand 2) One of my DIY tutorials got featured on a Holiday 2013 article by Sainsbury's! Eee! Now I don't normally blog about things like these, although getting featured as creative/photographic inspiration on various social media and blogs over the past few years has been an honor and a blessing (MUCHO THANKS for the support, everyone!!), but this blog is from UK! Whoa! International, baby! Ch-ch-check it out! There are some pretty amazing holiday tutorials featured alongside my dinky Mustache Straw DIY. Specifically the gold-tipped feather tutorial. I've been meaning to do a similar tutorial, but looks like somebody beat me to it! (Long-distance high five, Copenhaven!)

besos ... jin.

Family // Nicole's 2nd Birthday

family photoshoot // nicole's august birthday party.
family photoshoot // nicole's august birthday party.

It's always a boost of confidence when another photog enthusiast admires your (hopefully) unique camera style and sends emails like

'[...] definitely has one of the best eyes for composition that I have ever seen [...]'

Wow! And talk about a genuine honor when that fellow photog enthusiast asks you to shoot his daughter's birthday party last month! Seriously, from one photog enthusiast to another, it's truly an honor!

"I am a photography enthusiast and had been pretty impressed with Jin's skills since the first time I saw some of her work. We hired her to take pictures at our daughter's 2nd birthday party and we were extremely pleased with the results. Jin has an incredible eye for composition (one of the most important elements of a good picture) and also manages tone balances very well, not to mention that she loves to work with natural light, which produces great warm/intimate pictures. I highly recommend Jin's work, you will not be disappointed!" - Francisco Tamayo

Hey! Look at that! My first official testimonial/recommendation! Eee! Muchas gracias, Francisco + family, for the awesomely kind / kindly awesome support!

besos ... jin.

united way for greater austin photo feature.

Photo collage from United Way of Greater Austin. Top left pic by Jin Chu Ferrer.

Last 'press + news' mention for the week. I promise. =)

So my photo of me + V got featured in a Valentine's Day post by United Way for Greater Austin! Check out the post of our pic + quote here and here.

Top left pic, that's us! Talk about a nice Valentine's surprise!

besos ... jin.

getty images invitation #3.

getty images invitation #3.

I must really thank Carli Teteris for all these invitations I've been receiving for the past month! I'm truly flattered to the core that my style of photography has even been considered in the first place. And to be chosen by an accomplished photographer such as Carli herself is an honor!

Check out Carli's artistic documentary snaps on her blog and Flickr. Her captivating story-like images have a certain quiet strength about them. Mesmerizing and hypnotic, really. Like reading a really good book that you can't put down, you'll find yourself yearning to see more, more, more!

besos ... jin.