Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.

7 months later and I'm finally DONE plowing through 500+ visuals of Indonesia!  D-O-N-E. Huzzah! So here it is, the third and final leg of our epic Eat Pray Love journey in Bali, Indonesia. And what better way to celebrate new year's than to experience it in another country and culture with a loved one! This was def a more leisurely trip compared to India and Sri Lanka, where we did over a month of nonstop adventure trekking and getting down n' dirty with the local customs, so by the time we hit up Bali, we were ready to chillax, breath, and enjoy the good island life. Oh! I must share one of the more memorable moments in Bali - I had the pleasure of dining at the table NEXT to Miss Tyra Banks. Nevermind that she caught be staring at her, gawking, really.  But, wow! Indonesia of all places! IloveyouTyra!  And I love you, Indonesia!

besos ... jin.

2014. a week later.


Mind's all there. Body, notsomuch.

It all began around Turkey Day. This feeling of being under the weather. Aaand just my luck, it's been kinda downhill ever since then. 2 weeks of fighting off a brutal cold and/or flu. Quickly followed by a severe allergic reaction to something yet to be determined. (Head-to-toe hives. So sexy.) That lasted about a week. And just when I thought I was in the clear, what the hizzle, another allergy attack! Not as severe as the first, but this time around I'm fairly certain it's Cedar Fever related. Now? Ah. Now I think I'm coming down with another cold. Oh yes, more exciting stuff. Be jealous.

But like every January, optimism is in the air. A lot of it. Comes with the New Year, must be why. At this current health status quo of 50%, I'll take a heavy dose of it! Desperately in need of a mental and emotional booster right now - even if it's from a 2014 horoscope!

Virgo (August 23 — September 22)

Get ready to spread those social butterfly wings, you introvert Virgos. The year promises to breathe renewed life into your everyday social relationships, and predicts you’ll be reconnecting with old pals and making new friends. And, with your social life getting a reboot, you may also find yourself embarking on a business venture come spring or collaborating on money-making creative projects. Speaking of moola, a total lunar eclipse will fall in Libra, your money sign, on April 15 (tax day, hello!) so look forward to a sweet return or a boost in your savings account. It’s gonna be a good year to put your budgeting skills to work. On the wellness front, give yourself plenty of time to indulge (you deserve it) but don’t bail on your resolution; kickoff your healthy habits before Mercury goes retrograde on February 12 — right before Valentine’s Day.

Having the mind and body in balance makes all the difference, eh? Can not wait to get back to 100%! And start off 2014 with that optimistic gusto!

besos ... jin. 


new year's in london 2007.

As an old friend, Thomas, had commented about these pics:

'hey emp-- i like your pictures. they make you look cooler than you really are. gnah! =P'

Hah! And now on to an excerpt from my old Xanga entry:

London ... an interesting world city with it's eclectic markets and historic landmarks, all tuck'd in the midst of a modern jungle of discombobulated roads and subways. One can easily get lost in such a city, but who cares when almost every street is adorned with that cobblestone charm and dotted with quaint shops and restaurants?? We even comfortably roamed through the dodgy ones. Yeahthatsright. The dodgy ones. ;-) 

Twas unable to get in touch with 3 of my cousins living in London: one spent new years in Canada, the other spent it in Hong Kong, and I found out (the hard way) that I had Tata's number wrong. Nevertheless, did it how the Londoners would have wanted us to do it. Did the touristy bit. Grab'd a bit o late nite nosh. Sample'd the fish + chips. Rode the lift. Rang in the New Year on the Westminster Bridge, in between Big Ben and the London Eye. Sadly, no Wallace & Gromit or Imogen Heap or Vanessa Mae. 


Then there were some things getting used to ... 

What do I have to say about looking right instead of left when crossing the street? Rubbish! 

Driving on the right instead of left side of the car? Rubbish!

Everything being backwards in general?Bugger off! 

Sun setting at 4p?? Rubbish! 

Mind the gap??! Rubbish! 

The ridiculous conversion rate? Rubbish! 

The dismal weather? Rubbish! 

Ironically getting gridlock'd in a non-gridlike city ?? Apparently blooming likely. 

And the English accent?? O right, Love, that's sexy! 

Of course, the Eurotrip had it's minor details of interesting mishaps. Fried a chi iron, almost killed a hairdryer, missed a flight to Italy, went blind in one eye, dropped a $500 digicam ... twice. Luckily, saw past all that with this natural high on life ... I's keep it real! On to Italia! Cheerio!

besos ... jin.